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The Ever-Growing World of College RankingsPremium Link

By Goldie Blumenstyk

New entrants in the ratings game say they focus on how students fare after college, rather than on the quality of those who enroll.


Senate’s Revamped Sexual-Assault Bill Puts More Pressure on Colleges

By Katherine Mangan

Building on legislation that never came to a vote last year, the new bill would require colleges to do more to protect victims and the due-process rights of all parties.


At Conservative Confab, Colleges and Activist Groups Seek to Connect With Students

By Steve Kolowich

Big-Data Project on 1918 Flu Reflects Key Role of Humanists

By Jennifer Howard

Video: Opening Up Admissions at a Rich Private College Is Holden Thorp’s Latest Challenge

By Andy Thomason

Program's Extra Support for Community-College Students Is Paying Off

By Katherine Mangan

For Better or Worse, Universities Make Greater Use of Smaller Lab Animals

By Paul Basken

Liberal Education

The Day the Purpose of College Changed

By Dan Berrett

On February 28, 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan spoke of "certain intellectual luxuries that perhaps we could do without." Here's why liberal education has never recovered.

Inside a Cheating Scheme

Confessions of a Fixer

By Brad Wolverton

How one former coach perpetuated a cheating scheme that benefited hundreds of college athletes.

What One College Did to Crack Down on Shoddy Transfer Credits

By Brad Wolverton

Mt. San Antonio College stopped accepting online-course credits from Adams State University after questioning the classes' rigor.