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Campus Police Forces Struggle With Issues of RacePremium Link

By Peter Schmidt

Many departments are taking steps to avoid profiling and other biased enforcement practices. But some cite safety concerns in resisting change.


Why the Admissions Office May Be Part of the Problem of College Access

By Jon Boeckenstedt

Too often, the author argues, the admissions office is the chief obstacle to low-income, first-generation, and minority students' efforts to gain access to college.

Wired Campus

5 Things We Know About College Students in 2014

Wired Campus

Do 'Brain Training' Games Work? It Depends on Which Scientists You Ask


What’s a Trove of Insights Into College Applicants Worth? $850-MillionPremium Link

By Eric Hoover

New U. of Texas Center Will Seek to Curb Troubling Behavior by Athletes

By Katherine Mangan
Data Points

Researchers Criticize Plan to Remove Key Question in American Community Survey

Alcohol's Hold on Campus

A River of Booze

By Karin Fischer and Eric Hoover

Inside one college town's uneasy embrace of drinking.

Why Colleges Haven’t Stopped Binge Drinking

By Beth McMurtrie

Colleges treat it as a problem to be solved through education, not enforcement, despite evidence that information alone isn't enough.

Tangled in Red Tape


Tangled in Red TapePremium Link

By Scott Carlson

The multiplying regulations that colleges must follow bring new costs and headaches. For what?


How a No-Brainer Became One of the Most Hated College RegulationsPremium Link

By Lee Gardner

It’s a simple idea: When students withdraw, their federal aid should go back to the government. In practice, it’s not so easy.


Which Red Tape Do You Hate the Most? We Asked, You Answered.

By Lee Gardner

We put out a call on social media, and the responses were revealing. Here are the "ridiculous" and "costly" regulations that drive professors and administrators to drink.